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When Graeme Maxton speaks, people listen. He is an internationally influential voice with radical solutions to the challenges of slowing economic growth, unemployment, inequality and climate change who explains what businesses and societies can do to prosper.

Graeme Maxton is an economist, best-selling author and the Secretary-General of the Club of Rome, a global network of 100 renowned independent thinkers and scientists dedicated to addressing the problems facing humanity. He is the author of Reinventing Prosperity; managing economic growth to reduce unemployment, inequality and climate change (German edition Ein Prozent ist genug)" (2016) and "The End of Progress; how modern economics has failed us" (2011) which became an international best seller and has been translated into several languages.

The Club of Rome is perhaps best known for the 1972 book, The Limits to Growth, which remains the best-selling environmental book of all time and which played a key role in the development of the environmental movement.  Often seen as an assault on economic growth, it is not.  It offers ways for humanity to manage and think about its long term ecological impact. 

Graeme develops and articulates the Club's key messages and engages with a wide range of institutions around the world, from the UN to the Vatican and Fortune 500 corporations, to share his views on the outlook for economies, humanity and the world. Well-known for his insights, stimulating presentations and event-chairing style, he delivers punchy, clearly articulated analysis on the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

Until May 2007 he was a regional director of the Economist Group in Asia.  Before, he was in banking with Citibank and American Express, and in strategy consultant with Booz.Allen & Hamilton.

Graeme is a powerful and engaging speaker, and a naturally skilled moderator. He presents at governmental and business forums around the world, and also provides private strategic briefings for company boards and senior management meetings.

“Maxton is a thinker of astonishing depth and breadth, one to speak the tough truths that many other academics, politicians and commentators avoid.”  
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