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The Insight Bureau

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Adit Jain

Chairman & Editorial Director
IMA India

Adrian Furnham

Professor of Psychology
University College London


Freelance News Presenter & Producer

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Author of Digilogue and Seamless
Founder of Thinque


Founder & CEO Self Leadership International


Advisor on Asia Economies and Investment


Independent Economist


Professor of Strategy,
Globabilzation & Entrepreneurship

Dr Ayesha Khanna

CEO Technology Quotient & Founder Hybrid Reality Institute


Founder & Managing Director, Silk Road Associates


Founder – S2 Intelligence

Caspar Berry

Former Professional Poker Player & Entrepreneur


Presenter & Executive Producer
Channel News Asia

CHRIS Helder

Author of Useful Belief and The Ultimate Book of Influence

CHRIS Riddell

Futurist & Digital Strategist

CHRIS Skinner

Author & Commentator
The Finanser


Managing Director, Dataconsult


Asia Fellow, Milken Institute, Commentator on
Public Policy and Sustainable Development

Cyriel Kortleven

Speaker on Creativity & Innovation

Dag Detter

Author & Speaker on the
Wealth of Public Assets


Global Economist and author


Executive Editor, The Economist
& Editor, The World in


President – DT Global Business Consulting


Motivation Officer - Everest Motivation Team
Leader of Singapore's First Everest Expedition

David Schlesinger

Former Chairman, Thomson Reuters China
Former Editor-in-Chief Reuters
Independent Advisor

Dr Dean Williams

Faculty Member - Harvard Kennedy School
Author of Leadership for a Fractured World

Dominic Ziegler

Banyan Asia Columnist, The Economist

Douglas Ramage

Representative for Indonesia
BowerGroup Asia

Edward Carr

Deputy Editor,The Economist

Fan Gang

Director, National Economic Research Institute (NERI)
Chairman, China Reform Foundation

Dr Florence Eid_Oakden

CEO & Chief Economist - Arabia Monitor

Fredrik Härén

Founder - The Interesting Organization

Graeme Maxton

Secretary-General, The Club of Rome
Author, Reinventing Prosperity

Greg Lindsay

Speaker on Globalization, Urbanization & Mobility

Gurcharan Das

Author of India Unbound

Hans Vriens

Founder & Managing Partner - Vriens & Partners

Hellmut Schutte

Emeritus Professor of International
Management, INSEAD

Jack Perkowski

Author of Managing the Dragon
Chairman of JFP Holdings

James Castle

Chairman & CEO

Jayesh Parekh

Managing Partner – Jungle Ventures
Entrepreneur-in-Residence – INSEAD

Jeffrey Garten

Professor of International Trade & Finance
Yale School of Management
Former US Under-Secretary of Commerce

Jim Rogers

Investment Expert & Author

Jim Walker

Founder & Managing Director

John Andrews

Consulting Editor - The Economist
Author, The World In Conflict

John Hooper

Italy Correspondent, The Economist

John Wormald

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Dr JØrgen Randers

Professor of Climate Strategy &
Author of Reinventing Prosperity

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Professor
Columbia University Graduate Schools of Business


Editorial Cartoonist
The Economist

Karishma Vaswani

Asia Business Correspondent
BBC World News

Leo Abruzzese

Global Forecasting Director
Economist Intelligence Unit

Lewis Pugh

Endurance Swimmer and Ocean Advocate

Li Daokui

Professor of the School of Economics and Management
of Tsinghua University

Lijia Zhang

International Writer & Commentator
Author of Socialism is Great

Lindsay Levin

CEO of Leaders' Quest
Author of Invinsible Giants

Lisa Oake

Former CNBC Anchor, Media Coach

Lorraine Hahn

TV Presenter & Journalist

Lucy Kellaway

Associate Editor & Management
Columnist - Financial Times

Manu Bhaskaran

Partner & Board Member - Centennial Group
Asia Economist, ASEAN Strategic Affairs

Marc Faber

Editor of The Doom Boom Gloom Report
Investor Advisor and Fund Manager

Marcus Buckingham

Author, researcher, motivational
speaker and business consultant

Margie Warrell

Best-Selling Author & International Speaker
Forbes Contributor & Media Commentator

Dr Mark Esposito

Professor of Business and Competitiveness
Harvard University
Co-Founder – Nexus FrontierTech

Mark Laudi

Media Consultant &
ex-CNBC TV Anchor

Mark Mobius

Executive Chairman
Templeton - Emerging Markets Group

Martin Roll

Author of Asian Brand Strategy
Business & Brand Strategist

Martyn Davies

Chief Executive – Frontier Advisory

Maura Fogarty

Journalist & TV Host

Michael McGannon

Board-certified internist &
specialist in preventative medicine

Mike Chinoy

Senior Fellow at USC's US-China Institute
Former CNN Foreign Correspondent

Mike Walsh

Futurist, Author and CEO,Tomorrow

Nenad Pacek

President, Global Success Advisors GmbH
Co-Founder, CEEMEA Business Group

Nisha Pillai

Freelance Journalist and Coach
Former BBC World News Presenter
Moderator of Business Dialogue

Nouriel Roubini

Co-founder and chairman
of Roubini Global Economics

Nury Vittachi

Business Humorist, Author & Moderator

Parag Khanna

A leading geo-strategist,
world traveler and author

Paul Schulte

Founder & Editor of Schulte Research
Speaker on Financial Services, FinTech, InsurTech & AI

Peter Sheahan

Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs™

Philip Coggan

Buttonwood Columnist & Capital Markets
Editor, The Economist

Richard Payne

Independent Consultant and Executive Coach
Asia HR Strategies

Rico Hizon

BBC News Presenter, Asia Business Report
and World Business Report

Rob Lilwall

Author and Nat Geo Adventurer

Robert Guest

Foreign Editor – The Economist

Robert Ward

Editorial Director
The Economist Intelligence Unit

Ross O'Brien

Director, Intercedent Asia
Director, Corporate Network Hong Kong
Economist Intelligence Unit

Sally Bibb

Founder & Director - Engaging Minds
Author of The Right Thing & Generation-Y for Rookies and A Question of Trust

Scott bales

Digital Futurist and
CEO Innovation Labs Asia

Sharanjit Leyl

BBC World News Presenter & Producer

Simon Baptist

Chief Economist & Asia Director
Economist Intelligence Unit

Simon Kemp

Speaker on Social Media and Digital Strategy

Simon Long

Finance Editor, The Economist

Simon Walker

CEO - Candover Consulting
Co-author of Generation-Y;
what they want from work

Stephen King

Senior Advisor to HSBC
Author of Grave New World, When the Money Runs Out and Losing Control

Teymoor Nabili

International Journalist
TV presenter, speaker, moderator

Thitinan Pongsudhirak

Professor and Director of the
Institute of Security and International Studies
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Tom Standage

Deputy Editor & Head of Digital
The Economist

Tony Michell

Chief Executive, Korea Associates

Victor Mallet

Asia News Editor,
the Financial Times

Vijay Vaitheeswaren

Author & Senior Editor on China and
Innovation, The Economist

Vito Di Bari

Futurist and Innovation Designer

Yasuhiro Maehara

President and CEO
The Securities Analysts Association of Japan

Yuwa Hedrick-Wong

Chief Economist, the MasterCard
Centre for Inclusive Growth

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