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The Insight Bureau has recently launched Café Insights as an addition to its resource library of valuable content from our speakers. Café Insights is a series of inspiring, Q&A style interviews conducted with speakers of The Insight Bureau in a casual and informal café setting. Topics are as varied as our speaker portfolio and range from Creativity and Idea generation to engaging Generation Y and Economic outlooks.

Café Insights interviews are available in both audio and PDF (written) format.

To listen to the podcasts, visit our You Tube channel below:

To read the interviews in PDF version, click on the speaker names below:
Adit Jain (PDF) Feb 2018
Margie Warrell (PDF) Jan 2018
Ben Simpfendorfer (PDF) Jan 2018
Vijay Vaitheeswaran (PDF) Oct 2017
Daniel Franklin (PDF) Aug 2017
Edward Carr (PDF) Jul 2017
Stephen King (PDF) Jun 2017
Dambisa Moyo (PDF) May 2017
Rob Lilwall (PDF) May 2017
Ben Simpfendorfer (PDF) Apr 2017
Chris Riddell (PDF) Aug 2016
Scott Bales (PDF) Jul 2016
Hellmut Schutte (PDF) May 2016
Dr Thitinan Pongsudhirak (PDF) Jan 2016
Rob Lilwall (PDF) Dec 2015
Fan Gang (PDF) Dec 2015
David Lim (PDF) Nov 2015
Robert Guest (PDF) Oct 2015
Vijay Vaitheeswaran (PDF) Oct 2015
Mark Laudi (PDF) Jul 2015
Caspar Berry (PDF) Jun 2015
Lijia Zhang (PDF) May 2015
Richard Payne (PDF) Apr 2015
Andrew Freris (PDF) Mar 2015
Yuwa Hedrick-Wong (PDF) Jan 2015
Mike Walsh (PDF) Nov 2014

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