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Jim Rogers is one of the world's most famously successful financial investors, He recently moved from New York to Singapore believing it now to be 'ground-breaking time for investment in Asian markets'.

Chronicled in Jon Train's Money Masters of our Time and Jack Schwager's Market Wizards and others, Jim Rogers co-founded the global investment partnership, The Quantum Fund, in the 1970s which made a 4200% return over ten years. Jim decided to 'retired' aged 37 but remained very active as a private investor and adventurer.

He actually went on two adventures: firstly a two year, 100,000 mile global motor bike tour in 1990 to discover the real world. He left again in 1999 for a three-year "Millennium Adventure" with his partner for his third Guinness World Record. His adventures were not just travel per se but journeys to learn about the world's developing countries and investment markets first-hand; as a private investor he constantly analysed countries through which he travelled for investment ideas, striving to get to the heart of What drives successful nations and economies.

Jim is the author of four books: Investment Biker (1994) Adventure Capitalist (2003); Hot Commodities (2005); and A Bull in China (2007). He is regularly featured in international press for his comments, outlook and opinions, including Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Financial Times, Forbes, and Fortune and appears on TV news and business shows including CNBC. He was previously the moderator of WCBS's "The Dreyfus Roundtable" and FNN's "The Profit Motive with Jim Rogers"

Jim delivers captivating keynote speeches at large business and investment conferences - his presentations are full of both hilarious stories and gems of wisdom

Jim graduated from Yale University and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University

He lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter.

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