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In line with our mission to help senior executives make sense of the world and to make better business decisions, The Insight Bureau's briefing service is a core business line, and something that sets it apart from other agencies.

Boards and senior management teams hire such expertise based on four core attributes: they are tailored, objective, confidential and interactive.

Tailored: briefings are customised to focus squarely on the most relevant issues and delivered at a time and place of your choosing.

Objective: we offer completely independent and unbiased views with no hidden agenda.

Confidential: briefings are conducted by people you can trust, in a private, confidential setting – your office, the board room or at a corporate off-site location.

Interactive: beyond just the formal presentation you can dedicate time to discuss the key issues with the presenter and amongst your team, allowing you to achieve a deeper understanding of the issues, to debate the trends and to think through the implications for your business.

Insight Briefings are therefore consultative, professional and thorough. We select the most suitable candidates according to the brief, check their availability and then help to structure the assignment. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that this creates a valuable, high-impact engagement.

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Insight Briefings include:

  • Annual Planning & Strategy Meeting Presentations
  • Board Room Briefings / Strategy Day Briefings
  • Global Management Meetings / Global Partners / Regional Sales
  • One-on-One Special Briefings
  • Regional Visits by the CEO / Chairman / Members of the Board
  • Government / Ministerial Briefings

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